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Similar to Personal Experiment 5, this concept was used to improve overall creativity since the previous one didn’t meet the goals.

Creativity is still one of the most important aspects in life.

As a writer, I need a constant flow of ideas and concepts before I can put it down to paper.

As a person in the workforce, I hope to be able to provide creative solutions to problems.

As an individual, I aim to be creative in my life, hoping to live life my own way, different from the rest.

In the previous Personal Experiment, the goal of improving…

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Personal Experiment 4 of overcoming stress/anxiety and Personal Experiment 3 of becoming comfortable with discomfort did not meet their main goals.

I didn’t want to give up so easily on those two ideas.

So, one day, while I was journaling, I happened to use the concept of idea combination from Personal Experiment 5 on these two ideas.

There was a type of environment that could stimulate mental stress and discomfort at the same time.

Physical competitions.

Then I put myself into the equation, just what physical type of competitions could I participate in?

Awareness of the issue,

For this experiment, the awareness of the…

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I always loved creative thoughts.

Those kinds where you suddenly get enlightened or get a paradigm shift.

These ideas and concepts come only from two places.

My head and other people’s heads.

Reading, podcasts, videos, or even just by hearing people speak, I might stumble onto an interesting idea.

Those are other people’s ideas

My ideas stem from my observations, my experience, and my thoughts about other people’s ideas.

So, the experiment today is, how to generate creativity.

Awareness of the issue,

The experiment started with a simple thought.

Can we train to be creative?

That’s it

I was curious about this thought and…

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Leadership is a phrase commonly throw about.

Everybody wants to have great leadership skills.

In the fantasy world we all want to live in, taking care of your staff, being an emphatic leader, and also getting the job done, are all possible.

Then comes the different leadership styles.

These are like personality traits where we get asked questions and then assigned a leadership style.

However, does the leadership style we identify with really matter?

Not necessarily.

We cannot control our selection of team members

In life, we will meet different kinds of people.

Some are more arrogant, some are more obedient, some prefer to be passive and some…

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Anxiety and stress.

Two of our generation’s most widespread issues.

We all know from the reports and journals being published, talking about these silent killers.

Heck, we can feel them directly in our lives.

I was no stranger to stress and anxiety, they usually paid me a visit before an exam when I was a student.

Now that I am in the workforce, they come by much more often, moving into my head for a day or a week.

So, I decided to try to deconstruct and reconstruct myself using a few series of experiments to lower the stress and…

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I was exposed to this phrase one day back around my university days while reading and fumbling around the Internet.

The concept was a weird one.

Learning how to deal with discomfort.

Just like how firemen train for emergency situations, we can condition and learn how we react to uncomfortable situations.

I realized that in the future, there will definitely be some parts of life that will cause me discomfort, whether that be little or great.

I figured I might as well start preparing for it now.

I combined this idea with another concept called exposure therapy, which basically was…

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A lot of people think that social skills somehow just magically appear out of thin air and the children will automatically learn them.

That is true for some.

However, there is also a large portion of people who don’t know how to communicate well.

They might not know what to say or might say things that make the situation awkward.

My social skills in high school could be said to be below average.

This made me avoid interacting with strangers.

I would reject invites to go to social gatherings or to meeting new people.

This led me not having the…

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Education in recent years has had its meaning twisted.

It used to be about the pursuit of knowledge, now it is about passing standardized tests.

My grades were pretty bad in the early years of high school.

However, I soon realized grades directly correlated to how much free time I could get in life.

Everybody doesn’t care what a straight-A student does as long as they continue to get straight-A’s.

The contradictory issue was, to become a straight A student, I had to give up my free time to study!

So, I started thinking, was there a way if I…

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I mentioned in a previous article on why one should do personal experiments.

And as mentioned before in this post, I don’t believe in self-improvement advice without proper guidance, the how-to’s.

Hence, I decided to note down my thought process on personal experimenting for anyone who is interested or wants to compare thoughts on it.

Writing this article, I realized that throughout the years, I have done a lot more than I expected.

There were a few major successes and quite a few failures as well.

And this thought process or structure mainly follows the 5 steps process as stated…

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I used to think I was the only weird one that did personal experiments with their life.

Imagine my surprise when I read Tim Ferris “4 Hour” Series. the 4 Hour Chef, Body, and Workweek.

Here was someone who took it to another level!

In his books, Tim would do a 2 to 6 weeks experiment on accelerated learning for a certain skill or so and document his process and results in the end.

But what exactly is so good about coining your own personal development experiments?

Fear of failure

This is the number one reason I love performing personal development experiments.


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